Armed with a degree in Musical Theatre from Eastern Michigan University, Franz Harary set out to create a world class theatrical production that would rival the best.

Today, Franz Harary's live touring theatre production enjoys praise from audiences and critics around the world. Like all of Harary's productions, the show is filled with original illusions all created by Franz Harary. Harary’s show units are modular in design allowing them to fit easily into theaters of virtually any size and configuration.

With audiences becoming exposed to more high end entertainment in the form of touring Broadway shows and events, Harary has maintained his position in the market with an illusion show that continues to receive great reviews with audiences of all ages. Having produced illusions for a number of Broadway shows including “Ragtime”, “Cinderella”, Disney's “Beauty and the Beast” and “The little Mermaid,” at Disney Orlando, Tokyo and Paris, Harary has taken this experience and applied it to his own productions. In the end however, it is Harary’s understanding of today’s theatre market combined with his skills as a producer and onstage talent that make his touring theatre illusion shows more popular then ever.

Franz Harary created all the magic and illusions for Michael Jackson’s Victory tour. From there he went on to design and produce illusions for the biggest stars in the industry including Madonna, Prince, TLC, and *NSYNC. With this understanding of rock concert productions, he created an illusion show using these same concert design philosophies. With this new found production approach Harary went on to produce the largest touring illusion show ever. This mega show is designed to play the largest stadiums and sports arenas. Pulling from the tried and true formulas of touring concerts, Harary's arena show has proven to be among the easiest for a promoter or event buyer to mount.
From loading in the first road case, to the last truck pulling away after the show is over, Harary’s team has shown the world that high-end mega-illusions can travel while remaining both visually stunning and cost effective.