A product launch has become the main event in corporate entertainment. Every year companies find themselves competing not only with each other but with themselves to find the best way to introduce their next product or service. Today's audience is well traveled and has seen it all. In a world where lasers and robotics are everywhere, Harary's magic has found a new unique application that is changing the entire scope of product launches and introduction shows.

A couple of years ago, Franz Harary and his team made national headlines when they teleported a GM Vice-President, in a new Corvette, from Detroit to Los Angeles. At both locations live audiences along with members of the international press watched on in awe as Harary magically moved the celebrated car and driver across the U.S. at the speed of light.

This was just one of the many events that Harary has created for companies world wide. With the launch of Golf Airs new Airbus A330, Harary made the actual airliner magically appear on the taxi-way in front of the press and corporate guests. For the launch of Steven Spielberg's film "Transformers" (2007), Harary transformed a car into a 30 foot robot live on stage. Then, on location in Tokyo, Harary transformed a 40 story sky scraper into a living breathing Transformer machine while the press watched live.

Nothing gets more attention than an event that seems too impossible to be possible. That is exactly what Harary and his team brings to the table. In the world of product launches and introductions, you get only one chance to capture the imagination of the consumers and communicate your message. Franz Harary has a proven track record for turning these high stakes launches into mega events that are talked about long after the product has hit the market. That is real magic!