Internationally acclaimed illusionist Franz Harary, quite simply, continues to redefine the art of magic.

Along with his success in theaters, casinos and corporate entertainment,
Harary's international tours are unparalleled in the industry.

His first trip to Peru broke all records as he entertained live audiences of over 40,000 people. In India, his high-tech illusions played to sellout crowds of 30,000 at New Delhi's Indira Ghandi Stadium.
In Taipei, Harary shut down traffic for eight city blocks as a crowd of 45,000 people witnessed one of his mega effects above a busy intersection. In Indonesia, this was repeated for a record crowd of 47,000. Continuing to Hong Kong, Jakarta, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand and Japan, in every case, Harary set records selling out stadiums and arenas.
In addition to performing his own magic live, Harary continues to create magical effects for superstars including Janet and Michael Jackson,  Cher, Usher, *NSYNC,  Madonna, Missy Elliott, Alice Cooper,  and Shania Twain.
His hybrid combination of illusions and live concerts have made Harary's magic, at times, the most visible in the world, seen by more people than all other magicians combined!
All the while, Harary's own illusion show Imagine Nation (the largest touring illusion show on the planet) continues to sell out throughout Asia and the Far East.
Just a few of Harary's accomplishments over the past decade are:

  • At the Singapore Zoo, Harary transforms a car into an elephant.

  • Making an MD-80 airliner "appear" from thin air on network television in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Before a live audience at Kennedy Space Center, Harary made NASA's Space Shuttle "disappear." This mega-illusion served as the finale to NBC's highest rated special of the year.

  • To close his first Japanese TV special, Harary made a 52-story skyscraper from the center of Tokyo vanish. This "disappearing" building has been acknowledged as setting the record for the largest illusion ever.

  •  In Hawaii, Harary moves the Diamond Head volcano 2 miles out to sea.

  • In Las Vegas, Harary caused the Luxor Pyramid to vanish. He did the same to the Goodyear Blimp as part of a 1-hour special for Japan's No.1 television network.

  • In India, Harary levitates the Taj Mahal as part of his TV Special viewed by over 400 million people.

  • Live from Cairo, Egypt, Franz makes the Sphinx invisible. Doing so, he is awarded the highest honor from The International Magician's Society.
  • Franz stars in his 2nd TV special in India and China. The combined viewers of these programs totals over 1.2 billion people making Harary the most visible magician on the planet. 
  • Harary teleports a Japanese superstar from Tokyo to Los Angeles live on network television and before audiences at both locations.


  • In Abu Dhabi, he magically produces an A-330 jetliner in the desert as the closing of his middle-eastern television special.


  • In Moscow, he causes a Russian tank surrounded by a cordon of military police to disappear. This earns him the Illusionist of the Year Award at the International Magic Awards.
  • Harary travels to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where he causes the battle ship USS Missouri to become invisible.


  •  Returning to work with NASA, he makes a SR 71 Black Bird (the world's fastest plane) vanish in a flash of light.

  • In Dalian, China, Harary produces Polar Chaos, the largest fire effects stunt show of its kind; setting records for flame size and overall explosive fire power.
  • As part of his TV series Magic Planet, Harary magically produces a convoy of ten semi-trucks
  • Live in Rio de Janeiro Harary moved the Cristo (Rio's famous 15 story statue) from the top of one mountain to another.


In the history of magic, Harary is truly unique – he is the first world-class magician ever to design as well as perform all of his own illusions.

This all began when he sent a videotape of his illusions to superstar Michael Jackson that Harary's career skyrocketed. The material so impressed the singer that Harary quickly found himself designing all the illusions for Jackson's now famous "Victory Tour." Since then, Harary's credits read like a veritable who's who of the music industry with clients including Usher, Styx, Alice Cooper, Cher, Madonna, Missy Elliot, Shania Twain, Bobby Brown, M.C. Hammer and Tina Turner.

Harary has single-handedly made magic a viable element in today's concert productions. As he explains, "MTV has raised a generation of fans watching digital magic on TV. Today, when the band goes on tour, their show is literally competing with their own music videos. My magic allows them to recreate on stage the same effects and illusions made famous in those videos."
As a designer and innovator, Harary is also in constant demand by the corporate world and theme parks. His illusions can be seen in many of the world's top amusement parks including Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Walt Disney World and Euro-Disney.
Corporations regularly call upon his magic to bring their message to both the public and their own employees. Honda, Nissan and AT&T are just a few of the many industrial clients for which Harary has created one-of-a-kind illusions.  Recently via satellite, Harary instantly teleported Chevrolet's new Corvette and its CEO driver from the Detroit Auto Show to Los Angeles. Record breaking audiences of international press witnessed the magical transport live from both locations.
Harary himself has been featured on hundreds of television programs worldwide. He currently hosts the internationally syndicated "Masters of Illusion." This one hour weekly series showcases some of Harary's most cutting edge magic.
More importantly, Harary has also starred in 27 of his own television specials worldwide. Harary's one and two hour specials in such countries as Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and India have made him at times the most visible U.S. variety artist in the eastern hemisphere.
As for the future of the art form, Harary continues to redefine the art form. Harary says, "I believe magic, MAGIC by definition is anything outside the laws of science. As science progresses, magic's evolution must remain just ahead of it. In a sense, surfing the wave of technology. Scientific discovery depends on mankind's ability to dream. Magic rekindles that childlike ability, linked together in a perpetual dance. Magic and science are forever advancing one another; each one driving the other forward at the speed of wonder."

Franz's Links:

Sundeep Koachar - Celebrity Astrologer
As an illusionist, I've spent the last 35 years creating simulations of magic. I had come to a point in my life where I lost my ability to believe in anything beyond that which I could touch. Meeting Sundeep was a life changing for me. He made me re-look at my life's work not just as entertainment but as a conduit for others to regain a belief in real magic the same way as he had done for me. What Sundeep does touches the human spirit at it's very soul. As children we all knew that there is a magical world far beyond that which we can see. What I do as a magician is create the illusion of that place. In turn, Sundeep takes us by the hand and ushers us thru that world, allowing us to find the truth in it, and.... in ourselves along the way.
- Franz Harary